Vitus is the second-in-command of one of the Roman legions deployed to the invasion of Britannia.

Promoted to Praefectus when Lucius went on the run, he pledged to be the right-hand-man to Aulus and to follow him wherever he went - including into hell. However, he is disturbed by Aulus' constant pursuit of Cait of the Cantii tribe and indeed these disturbing feelings continue upon meeting her. He drinks water spiked with mushrooms which causes a high which brings forth his past trauma.

Vitus hails from the Kush who tried to resist Roman occupation, but this proved to be in vain when his family were murdered during a countryside counter-raid. Death of all life surrounded Vitus and it was his father who told him to sing a song during the destruction that led to Vitus' ultimate survival. This singing saved him from an attack by the druids, who attacked him and his drug-high soldiers.

With these events, Vitus wonders if he wants to continue following Aulus but a hex from the druids led by Harka causes any attempts to turn against Aulus to be ineffective.

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