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Veran (born Hallam) is the leader of the Druid. Claiming to be over 10,000 years old, Veran is said to be the second man to ever set foot on the world. The tribes of Britannia believe his word is law and that he speaks for the gods, which gives the Druids immense power and influence. It is said that Veran knows all the secrets of not only this world, but of the next world as well. As such, Veran is the most powerful man on the island, commanding the allegiance of both the Cantii and Regni tribes despite their feuding.



Hallam lived in the forrest with his mother, father and brother Elwin. The brothers were taken by the druid Quane and chosen to become the latest in the long line of the first and second man. Hallam became the Veran and remained with the druids while Elwin became Harka and was sent to live alone in the forrest.

Quane tells a story about Veran was the second man in the world. His brother Harka was the first. They were born from the Oak Tree, and the tree protected them. They would sit high in the oak and talk of all the wonders in the world...the birds...the caterpillars...the light on the leaves...Then one day Veran came home and found Harka hanging from the Oak Tree, and Veran wept. He knew then, his brother wasn't strong enough...strong enough for the Wonder...but then Veran saw the rope move, and he saw the rope was alive. It was a serpent, sent by Lokka himself, and the serpent's name was Pwykka.

Veran taught Divis everything he knew, he was Veran's favorite, but Divis betrayed him.

Next steps[]

Veran is well aware of Aulus' plans of domination over the Celts and harnessing power working for Lokka.

He believes in the natural world and has to find a tight balance between allowing the natural world to develop, when to plant new seeds, and destroying life in order to allow new life to endure. Veran loves his brother, Harka, but knows if his brother lives and he dies, the Druids die with him. He knows Cait is the last hope for defeating Aulus and the might of the Roman Empire.

He makes the decision to allow events to flow naturally, without his interference. However, Divis interferes himself in a fight between Veran and Harka, when Veran was holding out for an indication by the gods as to which direction the Druids should go in.


When Rome came to Britannia, Veran saw an opportunity to win favor with them, either for personal gain or as was common with him, personal amusement.