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Phelan is the son of King Pellenor and heir to the Cantii tribe. He is married to Amena, who is using him as a means to ascend to the Cantii throne. Due to the Druid's edicts, Amena is also married to Lindon, the son of a Gallic Chief which strains their relationship. Phelan is diplomatic, strategic, and rational – the opposite of his more wrathful father. Unfortunately, these traits mean his people and his wife view him as weak.


New beginnings[]

Phelan moves on from his past life, burning the runes off his forehead, assuming a new identity, and living with a new wife and upcoming child. However, upon attending a local market, he finds Kerra's head is being sold, which calls him back into action and to play his part if the prophecy.

When he is kidnapped by Harka, Phelan is involved in Harka's plans for revenge on Veran, to fulfil his need for importance. Phelan succeeds in the task Harka gave him to do, but is distraught to see the destruction and death he causes.

He comes across Ania who reveals how Harka tricked him, which leads to him leaving Harka's service, and wants to atone for his error of judgement by killing Love, putting a stop to Harka's plans.

Phelan later meets Quane who tells him he has still been serving Harka, just unknowingly. Feeling confused and panicked, Quane tells him not to worry - he is just at the beginning of his journey.

The runes on his head read "The Flame Carrier, forged in fire."