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Prefectus Lucius is Aulus Plautius' second-in-command, having served with him for a long time. A strict but cruel commander, he will brook no indignation against him or his men. Lucius is distrustful of the Druids, and Aulus' fixation with them shake Lucius' faith in his command. As Aulus appears to drift further away from the Roman Empire, and Lucius' own fears about being in the cursed land of Britannia grow, he begins to worry about a conflict of loyalties.

Life after the assassination attempt[]

Lucius is cautious about if his actions were his own or by someone else's doing. Whatever he does has a major impact on proceedings.

Having attempted to kill Aulus, Lucius is forced to hide away, working as a fisherman. Pretending to be mute, he sells the fish to the local people to earn a living. He is also a heavy drinker.

This life he leads is interrupted by a traveller who Lucius recognises as an old friend, where he is forced to remember the things he did in the name of the Roman Empire, at the command of Aulus. Forgiveness is offered by the traveller but Lucius is concerned about his old friend's real agenda, knowing him to be a follower of the messiah Lucius killed in Golgotha.

This reminded him of his encounter with Sawyer who he had blinded when he ransacked the village, killed Cait's grandfather, and stole money. He meets the blind man again as he comes to realise he has a part to play in the prophecy, and he has to defeat the very thing that afforded him his current position.