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Episode 5 is the fifth episode of Britannia. It will air in January 2018 on Sky Atlantic and was released online on 18th January.


The gods have spoken, but Kerra must decide if she will accept their ruling. Antedia seals an alliance with Rome - on one condition.


Interpreting the will of the gods, Veran declares Kerra Queen of the Cantii tribe. However, Kerra must decide if she will accept the judgment of the gods. Lindon offers to help her escape, while Amena becomes bitter and humiliated at not rising to be Queen. She decides that her husbands are not strong enough for her, and seeks out the Druids to show them that she will do anything to rise to the throne. Prince Phelan flees the Cantii citadel with Ania, and his allegiance to the tribe is thrown into question.

Queen Antedia learns of the events in the Cantii tribe and meets with Aulus Plautius. Antedia holds animosity for Kerra stemming from an arranged marriage between Kerra and her own son that ended in his castration. Sealing the alliance between the Regni and Rome, she asks one thing in return – the head of Veran.