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Episode 4 is the third episode of Season 2 of Britannia. It aired on 25th October on Epix.


Hella makes Aulus an offer she knows he can't resist. Phelan fulfils his mission and Cait and Divis' dreams spell new danger.


Hella visits Aulus Plautius and makes an offer to him that she knows he cannot resist. The information costs him a hefty sum of silver, but Aulus gets the information that will lead him to the Chosen One.

Cait and Divis find a new safe haven after their narrow escape. Divis confides in Cait, telling he about his dream that revealed the Druids were in turmoil and that Veran was no longer in control of them. In return, Cait relays as dream she had about Harka, triggering fear within Divis.

Aulus sets Amena with a task to Romanise the Devni because they are her old tribe. Amena accepts the task because her sister rules as Queen of the Devni and she has no wish to see them destroyed.

Phelan completes the task that Harka set him, returning with the three blond brothers. But Harka's intended purpose for the brothers horrifies Phelan.



Other cast[]

  • Tom Rhys Harries as Mallin
  • Ben Bailey Smith as Rufus
  • John Marquez as Felix
  • Archie Redford as Oldest Blonde Brother
  • Oliver Zetterström as Youngest Blonde Brother
  • Matthew Ashford as Father
  • Madeleine Bowyer as Mother
  • Leon Annor as The Inquisitor
  • Simon Darwen as Guard