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Episode 3 is the third episode of Season 2 of Britannia. It aired on 18th October on Epix.


Veran gives Ania a terrible choice. Harka brings Phelan under his spell and the next stage of Cait and Divis's prophecy begins.


In flashbacks, Harka and Veran are revealed to be brothers. Harka is unhappy despite living in a natuaral paradise and ends up being killed by a snake, believing that Veran betrayed him.

Ania raises her son, while also training with the Druids. Veran gives her a choice; to serve the Gods, she must give up her child. Following the Druid duel, one of Rork's tribe, Brearn, refuses to recognise Veran's authority. Taking her followers, Brearn sets out to find a new leader, one how has just reawakened from the dead. Leaving her child behind, Ania joins them.

Aulus Plautius receives a mysterious traveller, who asks about his previous praefectus, Lucius. Rebel Celts attack the castrum, but they only spook the Roman soldiers.

Harka brings Phelan more under his control, and reveals the task he has for him; to find three blond brothers.

Elsewhere, Cait and Divis continue to work towards the next phase of the prophecy. However, Roman soldiers are close behind them.



Other cast[]

  • Ben Bailey Smith as Rufus
  • John Marquez as Felix
  • Gary Sharkey as Druid Elder
  • Caoilfhionn Dunne as Brearn
  • Caolan Byrne as Arin
  • Omar Austin as Praying Soldier
  • Lucy Ellinson as Blue Queen
  • Pauline Turner as Stumpy Celt
  • Anthony Barclay as The Traveller
  • Flora Easton as Young Hunter
  • Lynsey Beauchamp as Druid
  • Sean Baker as Celt Informer
  • Elyot Burnett as Roman Soldier 1
  • Jake Mann as Roman Soldier 2
  • Billy Jenkins as Young Veran (voice)
  • Harry McEntire as Young Harka (voice)