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Episode 3 is the third episode of Britannia. It will air in January 2018 on Sky Atlantic and was released online on 18th January.


Aulus is reborn, but his destiny remains unclear. Cait is able to locate her father, but she can't free him from the Roman camp alone.


Aulus journeys to the underworld and returns to his army with a renewed sense of purpose, believing his insight into the Druid world will assist in his victory. The Druids view him with amusement.

At the Cantii citadel, Prince Phelan visits Princess Ania, the Regni princess captured during the ill-fated wedding ceremony. Ania reveals that she is the incarnation of the goddess of war and has a prophecy to fulfil. Although Phelan is sceptical, the revelation of his role in the prophecy appeals to him.

Cait and Divis part ways in acrimonious circumstance. Cait survives an attack by a pack of wolves, and finds that her father, Sawyer, is a prisoner of the Roman army. She watches as he is mutilated by Lucius for attacking a Roman centurion and plans to free him but realises that she cannot do it alone.