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Episode 2 is the second episode of Season 2 of Britannia. It aired on 11th October on Epix.


The Dead Man, Harka, meets with Hella and asks her to find someone for him. Divis tends to Cait’s injuries following the Trial of Air.


In a small settlement to the north Phelan lives a simple life with his new family. Having deserted the Cantii tribe, he hides under a new name. While taking the prize bullock to market, he is shocked to find Kerra's head for sale in an auction of curiosities. Using all of his silver, Phelan buys the remains of his sister. Returning to his new home, he confesses everything and reveals his real identity. His new family beat him into submission, furious about the loss of the silver. Realizing he cannot out run his past, Phelan flees the settlement only to be captured by Hella.

With the synod over, Veran calls for the Druids to fight Rome. Rork, the leader of a tribe of warriors, believes that Veran is hiding crucial information from them. Quane admits that he saw the sigh of the Dead Man, leading Rork to challenge Veran's leadership in a duel.

Hella takes Phelan to Harka. Harka tells Phelan there is something that he needs Phelan to do for him.



Other cast[]

  • Tamla Kari as Bridget
  • Danny Kirrane as Holt
  • Joe Sims as Ewan
  • Jimmy Fairhurst as Nyle
  • Colin Brown as Livestock Auctioneer
  • Amy Cameron as Fair Girl 1
  • Rebecca Hesketh-Smith as Fair Girl 2
  • Nina Smith as Auctioneer
  • James Mansfield as Bidder
  • Owain Gwynn as Morac
  • Eiry Thomas as Judoc
  • Caoilfhionn Dunne as Brearn
  • Caolan Byrne as Arin
  • Margaret Jackman as Village Elder
  • Riley Brennan-Morgan as Northern Son
  • Gary Sharkey as Druid Elder
  • Bessie Coates as Daughter
  • Christopher Hatherall as Blind Father