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Episode 2 is the second episode of Britannia. It will air on 25th January, 2018 on Sky Atlantic and was released online on 18th January.


After Rome's bloody arrival, Aulus sends envoys to parlay with the tribes, while also looking for an insight into the Druids.


Aulus Plautius deduces that the lack of an organised resistance to the Roman invasion means that Britannia is already consumed with internal conflict. Intending to form alliances with the native tribes, he dispatches ambassadors to the Cantii and Regni tribes.

The King of the Cantii, Pellenor, rebuffs the Roman's diplomacy, and Aulus responds with his own brutal message. Pellenor's daughter, Kerra, goes behind her father's back to negotiate with Aulus in an effort to forestall further war. Prince Phelan's wife, Amena, sees Kerra's actions as an obstacle to her own ascent to Queen of the Cantii. She begins to seed discord between Pellenor and Kerra.

Aulus' ambassador is better received by Queen Antedia of the Regni, although she has her own demands for an alliance to be cemented.

Aulus learns about the Druids and seeks out their leader, Veran, on the mysterious island that has begun to sow fear in the ranks of his soldiers.