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Divis is an outcast Druid who rescues Cait following the destruction of her village at the hands of the Roman Empire. Callous and self-serving, Divis teeters on the edge of sanity and is kept at arms length by the tribes. Living off the land, the outcast is content to remain apart until a vision of the eve of the Roman Empire's arrival that shows him they are the living incarnation of the Earth demon Lokka. Divis believes he is the one person capable of stopping the destruction to come.

Cait's mentor[]

He's first seen rescuing Cait from the Romans and taking the same path as her for a while. After they part ways he decides to go to the Roman's castrum to defeat Lokka, but when he learns that Cait herself is the chosen one, information learnt after visiting the afterlife and seeing what Aulus saw, Pwykka takes over him and he goes after Cait in order to kill her. Still possessed by the demon he follows her, until Pwykka leaves him and fakes being Cait's dead sister in order to deceive her. He now becomes mentor to Cait, the last hope for Britannia, and teaches her magic to help her fulfill her destiny as part of the prophecy. Their relationship is quite argumentative which makes life harder, especially when he acts as if he has all the answers to her questions when he doesn't. Veran did not tell Divis how the prophecy ends, so Divis is preparing Cait for something, but he doesn't know what.

He has conflicting feelings for Cait and becomes agitated when he dreams of kissing her. Harka adds more confusion into his thoughts for Cait, when he introduces a new handsome figure for her called Love, who could put the prophecy in jeopardy. Still, he continues to help her with magic to her for the destiny chosen for her in the prophecy, despite the presence of Mallin, now under Harka's control.

With hope fading, his ego will grow stronger, and Divis will fight again.

In season three, Divis is no longer the mentor of Cait, as she accepts that she's part of the prophecy. He follows her alongside her allies against the Romans as Cait is searching for the spear that was revealed in the prophecy, in possession of Lucius, the Roman deserter, but everything changes when the Lokka makes his appearance in form of Aulus' son, who tells Cait that there's a traitor lurking in her allies. It is revealed that Ania herself got possessed by Hemple, Aulus' wife, but she initially casts a spell on Divis, telling him to surrender to Lokka as he doesn't stand a change against him. After Cait got carried away by Ania, temporarily controlling her, Divis and the group goes after them after a fight against the general and his trups, where Cait herself sees Lokka. After a fight against him in her mind and seemingly winning she goes in the Roman military camp, where she is found by Divis and the group who help her escape after being hurt by Hemple. This doesn't last long, as Hemple, captured by the group, reveals that she won, as the traitor still lurks alongside Cait, revealing that the traitor was not Ania but Divis himself. Being controlled by Hemple he hands over a passed out Cait to Aulus' as he comes back to the Roman camp. He then runs away and he's last seen at the river, searching for the red string that Hemple used to control him, and he sees a piece wrapped around his toe , which was put on him by Ania a few episodes before.