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"I am Rome. And where I walk is Rome."
—Aulus Plautius[src]

General Aulus Plautius is the brave but brutal commander of the Roman forces invading Britain at the order of Emperor Claudius. One of the greatest commanders of a Roman legion, he is merciless and thinks nothing of crucifying captured slaves. However, Aulus is also an intelligent commander who knows that an invasion depends on co-operation with the native tribes as much as it does on their conquest. Of course, this does not mean he is not ready to dispose of those who he believes have outlived their usefulness and he is willing to turn enemies against each other for his own personal gain. Aulus has one secret – he believes that the Druids hold the secrets of the universe, and that they are the key to achieving his own personal agenda. An agenda known to no one, one that goes beyond Rome.

Continuing his plans[]

The conquest to rule Britannia continues for Aulus, and the exploitation of Queen Amena helps in this cause. He puts forward an ideological conflict, between the likes of resistance and Romanisation. However, upon a visit by Emperor Claudius, Aulus' plans are all called into question and the Emperor leaves a spy behind to ensure Aulus is serving him well.

Aulus, however, has other plans for Rome and his service to ancient god Lokka will help him towards his goal of ultimate domination. Taking on board Lokka's power, he will destroy whoever tries to stop him. First he needs to hunt down Cait of the Cantii tribe who is the biggest threat to his domination plans. Forming an alliance with Harka, the hunt for the young woman continues.

Behind the scenes[]

Aulus Platius is portrayed by English actor David Morrissey. The character of Aulus Plautius is based on the real-life Roman politician and general who commanded the initial invasion of Britain.