Queen Antedia rules the Regni tribe. Fierce and unforgiving, she feels humiliated and betrayed by both the Cantii tribe and the gods. The Druids decreed that her only son and heir, Gildas, was to marry the Cantii princess Kerra, which she confirmed with a visit to the underworld where her dead advised her the same. The marriage was short and bloody, and ended with Gildas' castration at Kerra's hand. Seeking revenge, Antedia sees the arrival of Rome and potential means for finally getting what she wants.

After meeting and discussing with Roman general Aulus Plautius she agreed to ally with Rome against the Cantii, on the condition that Lucius kiss her feet. Together, they laid siege to the Cantii stronghold for four moons, when after she met with Lindon of the Gaul, a spy for the Regni, she had him set fire to what little remained of the Cantii food to force Kerra to surrender. When Aulus met with Kerra, he turned on the Regni, firing catapults and arrows lit with fire at the Regni's encampment. Antedia attempted to flee with her son Gildas and several guards, but her guards and Gildas were killed. She cried over her son's death and cursed the Romans. She was captured and held prisoner.

Over the next two years, Antedia was kept prisoner and was eventually sold at an auction for 5 silver pieces, after she drank the auctioneer's urine.

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