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Ania is a member of the Regni tribe who was arranged to be married to the nephew of the Cantii tribe's King Pellenor. When Queen Antedia used the arranged marriage as a chance to strike at the Cantii, Ania was captured by Cantii and taken back to their citadel.


Ania is kept in a cell where she summons Phelan where she and reveals to him that Ania is her earthly name, but that she is actually Brenna, the goddess of war, of dreams and of wealth. That she is the earthy aspect of the goddess. After her revelation she speaks of a prophesy. She asks that he lay with her, that Brenna is foretold being rescued by a golden-haired mortal, and that together they will spawn a pantheon to rule the heavens for a thousand years. And so they do.

Living with the Druids[]

Thriving with the Druids, Ania impresses them with her fast learning and her ability to look after her child, Phelan who is named after his father. Veran, however, asks her to sacrifice her child and return to being a warrior. She agrees to do this, despite the pain, and - at request of Veran - she goes undercover to find rogue druids. Pretending to be on the side of Harka, she starts a relationship with Brearn.

She encounters Phelan and cannot believe the mental state he is in, and discovers the influence Harka has on him and that he is enslaved by him. She reads the ruins off Kerra's head to show that Harka lied to him. Veran requests she take the Challenge Sword to Harka and this shows up her allegiances. Her demise is prevented by the death of Harka, and she is able to see her son again.

She was last seen waiting outside the Roman fortress by the order of Cait.