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Amena is the queen-in-waiting for the throne of the Cantii tribe. She is married to the heir, Phelan, and to the son of a Gaulish prince, Lindon, at the Druids’ order. Amena cares about nothing but the throne and will do anything to achieve her goal. To this end, she manipulates members of the royal court for her own ambitions while appearing to be supportive.


A secret plan[]

When Kerra is chosen by the gods as Queen following King Pellenor's sacrifice, she drinks herself into a fit. When Phelan comes in to see her, she declares Kerra is so delighted about the choice, she can barely hide her grin. When Phelan rejects this, she attacks his manhood, declaring him weak and lilly-livered. The god's would never have chosen him and if she was a man, she would already be attending to the new queen's every desire. Her mockery inflames Phelan into striking her and she attacks him in a fury. He pulls his blade and she urges him on, until they attempt to couple, something he seems unable to rise to the occasion for. She laughs and tells him to try his sister.

After Phelan storms out, Lindon comes in the tent to see to her and tells her she is drunk. She accuses Phelan and Kerra of sleeping together, declaring they have been doing it for years. She asks if Lindon enjoyed his night with her and asks if Kerra was as good as her, and if she is still beautiful to him, to which he responds, she is beautiful on the outside. Amena orders him out of the tent and is later seen stumbling into the Druid's camp declaring that she is ready and asks to see Veran. Willa asks if she is sure and then guides her into the main tent where a dust is blown into Amena's face, intoxicating her. After demanding one more time to see him, Willa says "we are going to see how ready you truly are". After repeating "I am ready", Amena is led over and descends into the druid orgy.

Old wounds[]

Amena has finally achieved her main ambition of being Queen of the Cantii tribe, being Aulus' lover, living a life of luxury, and being the conduit to the Roman Empire. She agrees, at request of Aulus, to try to bring the other Celt tribes on the side of the Romans.

She started by going to tribes who had problems with the Druids, in particular the seemingly arbitrary decisions made when directing the Cantii and Regni tribes. She highlighted how the Druid decision-making damaged the Cantii in particular. She also put into question the Druids' apparent disappearance from society, but she would soon realise questioning the power of the Druids would have a price.

Aulus directs Amena to confront her past and visit her sister, Andra, Queen of the Devni where there is a landmark important to the Druids - a sacred lake. Her past horrors are revealed and she is raped by her father on the night of the Solstice.


Driven, manipulative, a touch delusional but always seems to know all the secrets.